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Dell 'Arte Guitars:

Hommage to Jacques Favino
Jacques Favino

Jimmy Rosenberg Guitar Front
Jimmy Rosenberg

Angelo Debarre Guitar Front
Angelo Debarre

5053 Legend Guitar Front
503 Legend

Reviews of Guitars Made by John S. Kinnard

When it comes to the quality of John Kinnard's guitars and ukuleles, don't take our word for it!! Just look below, and you'll see that John Kinnard's instruments have been played, reviewed, profiled, and top-rated by several websites, magazines, customers and players in the industry throughout the world.
Client Review John S. Kinnard Guitar

New John S. Kinnard Guitar O-style, custom
- Unsolicited Youtube review Nov. 2011

Every now and then, we search YouTube to see what our customers are saying about our instruments. Click here to watch a user review of a custom John S. Kinnard guitar.

The Sound of a John S. Kinnard Ukulele
- Unsolicited Youtube review Jul. 2011

Click here to listen to a custom John S. Kinnard ukulele.
John S. Kinnard as distributed his instruments all over the world. Customers world-wide have discoverd the beauty and sound of a John. S. Kinnard Ukulele.

For more on John S. Kinnard Ukuleles, visit our sister website

Client Review John S. Kinnard Ukulele
Michael Denmark building his Tybee Psycho Blonde Guitar with John S. Kinnard

The Birth of a Guitar - Building the Tybee Psycho Blonde Guitar with John S. Kinnard
- By Michael Denmark, December 2010

John Kinnard occasionally trains students on the craft of building a fine guitar. One such student, Michael Denmark, was so happy with the guitar he built under John Kinnard's apprenticeship that he made this special video which chronicles the guitar he made from start to finish.

Click here to watch Michael Denmark's video on making his Tybee Psycho Blonde Guitar with John S. Kinnard

Play Skillfully by David DeLoach
"Thanks again John for building me such a great guitar!
It is the best instrument I own."
  - David DeLoach, Founder of and author of Play Skillfully,
An Arpeggio & Scale reference book for the advanced guitarist.

"John Kinnard has built an international following for his faithfully crafted gypsy jazz guitars...The Dell'Arte Anouman is built in the style of the Selmer/Maccaferri Grand Bouche, with it's signature D-shaped soundhole. This design is renowned for it's increased bass response, and is a versatile instrument for either rhythm or lead work..." - Archtop review on the 2001 Dell' Arte Anouman

"John Kinnard set the (custom Dreadnought guitar) up for me. When I went to his shop in San Diego to pick it up, I was blown away at the feel of the guitar. Passages that I would stumble through on my other guitars seemed to glide under my fingers on this Dell'Arte." - 2006 Harmony Central Reviewer

Japan Ukulele Magazine 2010

Ukulele Magazine
Volume 4, 2010
Published in the Japan

A Ukulele model built by John S. Kinnard Instruments started distributing in Japan in mid 2010!!

Click to see the John S. Kinnard Ukulele Advertisement for Japan

Troubadour Feb 2008

The Boulevard Magazine, Feb 2010
"Master Luthier, John Kinnard, Wants to Pass on His Secrets"

Interview with John Kinnard regarding his decision to offer guitar making classes to local guitar enthusiasts. Read Full Article

Acoustic Guitar Dec2008

Acoustic Guitar Magazine, December 2008, No. 192
"Robin Nolan Gypsy Jazz Lesson"
- Article by Scott Nygaard
Published in the U.S.

"Robin Nolan's Gypsy Jazz Secrets" This issue contains an interview with Robin Nolan on his music, gypsy jazz, and his choice on guitars and gear. Dell' Arte guitar on cover.
Read this issue online.

Troubadour Feb 2008

San Diego Troubadour, Feb 2008, Online Edition
"Remembering 15 Years of Gypsy Jazz in San Diego"

A profile of the Gypsy Jazz movement in San Diego with Alain Cola and John Kinnard's Dell' Arte influence. Plus Gypsy Jazz at NAMM 2008.
- Article by Raus Sandelin
Read Full Article

Acoustic Guitar Japan 2008

Acoustic Guitar Magazine, 2008 Winter Issue, Volume 35
Published in Japan

Acoustic Guitar Magazine profiling John S. Kinnard Instruments' Dreadnnaught Studio / Rosewood, p.42 & 62.
View Acoustic Guitar Profiles of John S. Kinnard(870kb)

Acoustic Guitar Dec 2005

Acoustic Guitar Dec 2005, Issue 156
Profile on Dell' Arte Instruments
- Article by Julie Bergman
Read Full Article

San Diego Business Journal Mar, 2004

San Diego Business Journal, March 8-14, 2004, Vol. 25, No.10
Showcased: San Diego's Burgeoning Instrument Industry Takes Center Stage- Article by Connie Lewis
Two page profile on John Kinnard, Alain Cola, Dell' Arte Instruments, and the San Diego Instrument Industry.

San Diego Troubadour issue featuring Dell' Arte Instruments

San Diego Troubadour, December 2004, Vol. 4, No. 3
Alain Cola and John Kinnard appear on the cover of the San Diego Troubador
San Diego Troubadour issue featuring Dell' Arte Instruments Inside, a two-page feature story "Gypsies, Django, Genius, and Jazz, The Story of Dell; Arte Instruments" - Article by Paul Hormick

The article profiles John and Alain and their company, Dell' Arte Instruments.

Acoustic Guitar Jul 2003

Acoustic Guitar Jul 2003, Issue 127
"Featherweight Champs"
Fourteen great small-bodied flattops under $3,000
Article by Teja Gerken

The Dell'Arte OM Studio Plus guitar built by John S. Kinnard was featured in this article.
Read Full Article

Guitarist Magazine John Kinnard Dark Eyes

Guitarist Magazine June, 2003
Published in France
"Product Review - Dell' Arte Dark Eyes"
- Article by Banc D'Essai

A review of the Dell'Arte Dark Eyes Model

Flatpicking Magazine with John Kinnard Artwork

Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, March/April 2002 issue
Featuring John Kinnard's artwork on the cover, This FGM issue has articles about Django Reinhardt and his heirs along with a profile of Dell' Arte Instruments. Order this Issue of Flatpicking Guitar Magazine

Acoustic Guitar featuring Dell Arte article

Acoustic Guitar, April 2002, No. 112
"Dell' Arte and Renaissance Baritone 12-Strings" - Article by Teja Gerken

A review of the Dell'Arte Leadbelly 12 and Renaissance RS-12-B 12-string guitars.
Read Full Article

MauiTime Weekly with John Kinnard Dell Arte Guitar

MauiTime Weekly, December 5, 2002, Vol 6, Issue 23
Featuring Dell' Arte Gypsy Jazz guitar made by John S. Kinnard on the cover.

Just Jazz Magazine and John Kinnard

Just Jazz Guitar, February 2000, No. 22
"Product Review - Dell' Arte Frank Hicks Model"
- Article by Bob Shaw

A review of the Dell'Arte Frank Hicks Model.
"What John Kinnard has created is a very interesting and refreshingly different instrument that displays qualities of many different types of acoustic instruments including a close relationship to the Macaferri style Guitar with which John has been closely identified."- Bob Shaw
Order Full Article

Japan Acoustic Guitar Book John Kinnard

Acoustic Guitar Book 18
Published in Japan
Profiling Dell' Arte Instruments with John Kinnard and Alain Cola.